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Product category:Drip Line
Product introduction:The turbulator adopts a turbulent device, and the length of laying on flat ground is more than 100 meters. The outflow is stable and the uniformity reaches 90%. Strong anti-blocking ability. It can be buried deep underground without affecting ground work. According to crop needs, it can be installed according to actual conditions.

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1. Energy saving, little clogging problem, simple water clean treatment.

2. The diameter of the flow channel of the dripper is larger than the drip irrigation pipe, and adopted big

flow rate, which solves the drip irrigation system is easy to be blocked problems.

3. Convenient fertilization. When fertilizing fruit trees, the chemical fertilizer solution can be injected into

the pipe with irrigation water into the soil of the root zone of the crop, or the fertilizer can be evenly

spread in the infiltration ditch to dissolve and enter the soil with water. Especially when applying organic

fertilizers, various organic fertilizers can be put into the soil under the infiltration ditch and matured under

suitable water, heat and air conditions to give full play to the fertilizer effect and solve the problem of drip


4. Water-saving, external dripper irrigation is a local irrigation technology that only wets part of the soil in

the active layer of the crop roots, with high water utilization; and it is a pipe network for water distribution,

without leakage loss. According to some experiments, water can be saved by more than 60% compared

with surface irrigation.

5. Strong adaptability, applicable to various terrains, soils, various fruit trees, etc.

Applicable conditions: fruit trees, greening projects, fast-growing woodlands, etc.

Irrigation uniformity is high, within the range of 5m-35m water head.


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