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  • Sandy Filter System
  • Sandy Filter System
  • Sandy Filter System

Sandy Filter System

Product category:irrigation filter system
Product introduction:Sand filter, also known as quartz sand filter, sand filter, is a filter that performs three-dimensional deep filtration by forming a sand bed of homogeneous and equal-sized quartz sand as a filter carrier, and is often used for primary filtration. It mainly uses sand and gravel as the filter material for filtration.

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1. It is suitable for the treatment of river water, reservoir water, channel water, lake water, or municipal circulating water containing a large amount of suspended pollutants such as river water, reservoir water, or municipal circulating water with an organic content of more than 10mg/L. It is usually used as a primary filter.

2. The filter tank is a metal structure, and the surface adopts the car paint process, which will not fade when used outdoors for a long time; the anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties are enhanced, and the tank body has a long service life.

3. The inside of the tank adopts a double-layer structure. The upper part of the filter plate is the sand bed and the impurity storage space, and the lower part is the clean water circulation space. And there is a sewage outlet at the bottom of the tank, and the dirt that may be deposited on the bottom of the tank can be removed from the bottom end at any time.

4. The effective particle size of quartz sand is 0.4-1.2mm.

5. The maximum pressure is 10kg/cm2, and larger pressure tanks can be made according to user requirements.

6. According to the irrigation project dosage and filtration requirements, it can be used alone, or in multiple combinations or in combination with mesh filters and laminated filters. As primary filtration for mesh, lamination filters. Improve the filtering effect of mesh and laminated filters.

7. The automatic backwash function can realize uninterrupted water supply.

8. The interface is flange type and snap-on type, which is easy to assemble.


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