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Langfang Grain Agricultural Development CO.LTD is a modern agricultural high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, circulation,technical services and training. We are mainly engaged in the research and development and promotion of modern agricultural technologies andproducts such as greenhouses, soilless cultivation, precision irrigation, and gardening supplies. Focusing on agricultural modernization andagricultural technology innovation, we provide solutions for the entire industrial chain of modern agricultural production.

Greenhouse: Products include glass/sun panel greenhouses, film greenhouses, gardening greenhouses and related supporting facilities and accessories. We have specialized greenhouse design and construction personnel to provide you with the overall greenhouse design and constructionplan. In addition, we also have a special irrigation system and automatic control system to ensure that the greenhouse design is scientific and reasonable.

Soilless cultivation: For different crops, we provide you with high-efficiency cultivation solutions such as substrate cultivation, hydroponic

cultivation, aerosol cultivation, and related products such as plant light supplementation, seedling cultivation, cultivation bags, etc., so that

agricultural production can get rid of the constraints of the natural environment. The production can be carried out according to the will of human

beings and the

industrialization of agricultural production can be realized.

Precision irrigation: The drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation products we provide can effectively improve the utilization rate of water

resources, and at the same time realize automatic and precise fertilization, and solve the problem of world food safety and desert governance.

Gardening supplies: The products mainly include garden pipes, flower pots, flower boxes, planting bags, seedling trays, simple

greenhouses, garden construction and household hydroponic equipment, etc.