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Drip Line
  • PC Round Emitter Drip pipe
  • PC Round Emitter Drip pipe
  • PC Round Emitter Drip pipe
  • PC Round Emitter Drip pipe
  • PC Round Emitter Drip pipe

PC Round Emitter Drip pipe

Product category:Drip Line
Product introduction:The pressure-compensated drip irrigation pipe adopts inner pressure-compensated dripper and is made of high- quality PE pipe. Used in complex terrain, with good water uniformity, strong anti-clogging ability and long service life.

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Advantages of pressure compensation drip irrigation pipe:

1. With self-washing function, strong anti-blocking ability

2. The inner pressure compensation dripper with excellent performance ensures that the flow rate of the dripper remains unchanged when the pressure of the irrigation system changes, ensuring the uniformity of irrigation

3. With the help of the water flow pressure, the elastic silicone sheet can change the section of the water outlet, adjust the flow rate, and make the water outlet stable

4. Strong pressure compensation, especially suitable for undulating terrain, unbalanced system pressure and long capillary

5. Anti-corrosion of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers, anti-aging, long service life

Applicable conditions:

1. It is suitable for all kinds of terrain and crops, especially in the situation of large slope fluctuations in the

irrigation area

2. It is suitable for the situation where the laying length of drip irrigation pipe is required to be large

3. The system pressure is unstable and the plot is irregular



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