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PC Drip Irrigation Tape

Product category:Drip Line
Product introduction:The emitter adopts fully automatic assembly, automatic inspection,So as to ensure production efficiency and quality.The compensation effect of the anti suction pressure compensation drip irrigation tape is realized by the inside emitter.It uses the effect of water flow pressure on the elastic body in the emitter to change the shape of the flow channel or orifice or change the cross-sectional area of the water. when the pressure decreases, the cross- sectional area of the water passing is increased, and when the pressure increases, the cross-sectional area of the water passing is reduced, so that the flow of the emitter is automatically Keep in a small range of pressure change. The pressure-compensated drip irrigation tape has an anti-suction function to prevent impurities from blocking the water outlet.

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Advantages of pressure compensation drip tape:

1. pressure compensation range: 0.5-3.5Bar, recommended filter level: 120 mesh or more.

2. With high-quality materials and advanced production technology, has high resistance to aging and

environmental stress cracking.

3. The excellent internal flow field effectively improves the self-cleaning mechanism.

4. The drip irrigation tape can be buried under ground directly supply water, fertilizer, and pesticide to the roots

of the crop, avoid ultraviolet radiation.

5. Pipes and emitters are buried underground can be used for many years.

6. High water and fertilizer utilization rate.

7. Drip irrigation can work with small flow and low pressure, which saves operating costs and energy.

Applicable conditions:

1. Suitable for perennial crops such as fruit trees.

2. Suitable for underground irrigation.

3. Suitable for hilly and mountainous land irrigation.

4. It is suitable for irrigation that requires high irrigation uniformity and long laying length.


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